The United States has ATTACKED Syria with at least fifty (50) cruise missiles against the airfield which was used to launch a chemical gas attack earlier this week.

The U.S. military fired at least 50 Tomahawk missiles intended for a single target — Ash Shayrat air field in Homs province in western Syria, the officials said.  The map below shows the location of the US target:















Photos are now being released by the United States Navy showing some aspects of tonight’s cruise missile attack.  The photo below shows a Tomahawk Cruise missile being launched from an un-named US Navy ship in the Mediterranean Sea, heading for Syria.  The video below the photo is from the USS Ross Destroyer in the Med.

There was no immediate word on casualties. U.S. officials say people were not targeted and that aircraft and infrastructure at the site, including the runway, were hit.

The speed with which the Trump administration responded to Tuesday’s gas attack — and remarks earlier in the day by American officials who said that options were still being considered — appeared intended to maximize the element of surprise and sharply contrasted with the methodical scrutiny of the use of force by the Obama administration.


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It was President Trump’s first order to the military for the use of force — other operations in Syria, Yemen and Iraq had been carried out under authorization delegated to his commanders — and appeared intended to send a message to North Korea, Iran and other potential adversaries that the new commander in chief was prepared to act, and sometimes on short notice.


After Tuesday’s Sarin Nerve Gas attack in Idlib, Syria, within the Trump administration, some officials urged immediate action against Assad, warning against what one described as “paralysis through analysis.” But others were concerned about second- and third-order effects, including the response of Russia, which also has installed sophisticated air-defense systems in Syria, according to the officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations.

The Trump administration’s position on Syrian President Assad appears to have quickly shifted in the wake of the chemical attack, as senior officials voiced new criticism of the Syrian leader.










Earlier Thursday, Tillerson suggested that the United States and other nations would consider somehow removing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from power, but he did not say how. Just a few days ago, the White House had said that removing Assad was not realistic with press secretary Sean Spicer saying it was necessary to accept the “political reality” in Syria.

“We are considering an appropriate response for this chemical weapons attack,” Tillerson said in Palm Beach, Fla., where Trump was meeting Thursday with Chinese President Xi Jinping. “It is a serious matter. It requires a serious response,” he said.

The summit with the Chinese leader will continue Friday, and some U.S. officials believe the strike will also serve as a warning of U.S. willingness to strike North Korea, if China does not act to curtail the nuclear ambitions of the government there.


President Trump told reporters at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida that the strikes were in the “vital national security interest of the United States.”  Aides to the President expanded on that statement to make clear

“the use of banned chemical weapons by __anyone__ cannot ever be tolerated and must always be responded to very quickly.  Failure to respond and quickly, emboldens such aggressors to use such weapons again; perhaps against the US or one of our allies.  Tonight the President of the United States made clear to the world that the ban on chemical weapons use will be immediately backed-up by force.”



 UPDATE 10:14 PM EDT —

SuperStation95 has now learned that TWO Syrian air bases were attacked by US Cruise Missiles.  The two locations appear on the image below:

History records that 100 years ago TODAY (April 6, 1917) The United States entered World War One.  Many are now wondering if we have just entered World War Three?

 UPDATE 6:15 AM APRIL 7, 2017 —

The US airstrike in Syria almost completely destroyed an airbase and killed four Syrian soldiers, a human rights group said early Friday.

59 Tomahawk cruise missiles that barraged the al-Shayrat air base on Thursday night damaged over a dozen hangars, a fuel depot and an air defense base, according to Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

At least four soldiers, including a general, were killed in the attack.

Talal Barazi, the governor of Homs province, said that a blazing inferno still raged in the air base for over an hour following the barrage of missiles.

Barazi said that the injured were still being evacuated from the base.

Photos of the aftermath are now being made available.

WARNING: You are about to witness very sensitive information concerning our country;

Fellow American,I urge you to put everything else aside for a moment and read this URGENT news before it’s too late.


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