The End Is Near-21 Apocalypse Hacks You’ll Need When The World Ends.BONUS: A Free Program Bulletproof Home Defense (photo & video )


OK, so society as we know it has just broken down–zombies have overrun the world, climate change has turned the planet into a desert hell, Donald Trump has been elected president; you pick your favorite. Either scenario, do you have what it takes to survive? 

If you don’t think you’re ready, try out these survival hacks and get ready–the Presidential election is next year.

1. Run out of candles and need light? A crayon will burn for about a half hour.

So save those crayons. a

2. Make your own baking soda toothpaste.

You’ve made it past the zombie Trump and are wandering the wastelands- don’t let periodontal disease kill you! Baking soda is perfect for cleaning things, so if you have some or find any, KEEP IT.


3. Cheetos and Doritos make great fire starters.

Junk food–what can’t it do?


4. Or start a fire with anything, really.

Life is full of flammable objects. Dryer lint and Vaseline included. Keep your fire starters close, barter when necessary.


5. Use a soda can to make a camp stove.

Found a can of beans? After checking the expiry date, cook it on an improvised camp stove! Be wary, though: the light could attract people and/or mutants who haven’t eaten beans in a while.


6. Capture water with a plastic sheet.

The world has ended, but so has your thirst.


7. Get some extra electric juice from a lemon and some coins.

Your pocket change won’t be useless anymore! See how you can do this little experiment HERE-Free Energy


8. Duct tape can help you deal with blisters.

You never know when you’re going to have to run, so don’t let blisters slow you down.

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9. Or use it to open stubborn jars.

Or if you don’t want to save the jar, smash it and feast on whatever’s inside.


10. Navigate the waters using a tarp raft.

Some branches and tarp could help you get across a nasty river and  stay away from danger. 


11. Use your fingers to see how much daylight remains.

So you know when to set up camp in a secure, CHUD-free environment. This infographic will help you out. a

12. Use your wristwatch as a makeshift compass.

Time is useless, your job is to survive now. So use that fancy wristwatch to tell you where you are.


13. Make your own walking stick/weapon.

If you come across a long-handled garden tool, use it! Or use nature and these instructions. 


14. Use a juice can for a stove.

Might provide more heat than a soda can. Follow these instructions for a hearty, wasteland dinner.

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15. Use steel wool and a battery as a lighter.

If you’ve run out of fuel and need a light, these household objects will help you out. Learn how it works here!


16. Use the leaves.

Leaves have a million uses–insulation, covering your new rustic home, as a bandage, or as a rope. Just as long as it’s not the trees doing the killing, you’ll be alright.


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17. A bra cup makes a great dust mask.

If we’ve learned anything from movies, it’s that the post-apocalyptic world will be a hazy, smoky, dusty mess. So prevent future respiratory illness and breath through a bra.


18. Open padlocks with a soda can.

Head over here to find out how you can shimmy open padlocks with a Coke can. It takes some work, but when the only food is behind a locked pantry door in an empty farmhouse, you’ll have all the time in the world. Make sure it’s not holding in any zombies inside, though.


19. Altoid tins make great cases for medical supplies.

Keep your supplies safe when you’re done keeping your breath fresh. a

20. Use dental floss as a snare.

Dental floss is another one of those things that will help you in many areas. Snare game for dinner, fish with it, sewthere’s a lot! 


21.  Treat bites and itches with salt water.

If you need quick relief, salt water will help! Aloe won’t be readily available when the mutant zombie aliens use climate change to take over the world. In fact, salt has many uses, so keep it handy! Maybe it becomes currency again, who knows.


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